Don’t Say That You Love Your Job, Because It’s Not The Job You Love

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You’ve all heard a variation on this proverb: “Do what you love.” It is one of the worst things you can say to young, impressionable people. And it is frequently repeated by the extremely small minority of people who are incredibly fortunate to do what they love for a living. But for the rest of society, it is terrible advice.

I’m very satisfied with my job. It pays well, has excellent benefits, the hours aren’t long, and it’s only a mile from where I live. So what do I do? I work as a mid-level software developer in one of my company’s IT departments, and it is about as exciting as it sounds. The job itself is excessively dull and endlessly frustrating. If you asked me if I liked my job, I’d tell you that I dislike it quite a bit.

Just about anybody who ever majored in computer science…

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banyak maunya

Post pertama pake bahasa Ibu setelah sok-sokan (plus belajar sih sebenernya) pake bahasa Inggris 😉

Akhir-akhir ini lagi gak terlalu fokus bekerja, bukan karena gak suka dan bosen sama kerjaannya (cause I do really love my job) tapi karena lagi banyak yang dipikirin due to my 2014’s resolutions. Ya!! resolusi2 atau keinginan2 yang ingin dicapai di tahun 2014 ini begitu banyak dan padat sehingga membuat otak gw gak kuat (haha lebayy deh lo). But seriously, gak cuma meja or lemari yang harus organized, isi otak dan pikiran juga harus diorganisir sepertinya. Been wanting this and that, pengen ini pengen itu dan kalo lagi curhat sama si pacar gw suka diledekkin “banyak maunya”. Emang sihhh gw emang banyak maunya, dan detail pulak. Resolusi 2014 gw adalah menikah, jujur aja.. umur udah 25 something2,  and i always want to be married young, supaya masih bisa hang out bareng anak gw kelak dan dibilang kakaknya instead of mamanya. Udah gitu, social demands ya bow! Dari si mama, nenek, om, tante, sepupu, tetangga, orang kantor, semuanyaa nanya pertanyaan yang sama yang gausa lagi gw jabarin disini. Ya, being in a long relationship with your boyfriend but still not decide the “date” yet is like daging seger buat harimau yg kelaperan.. jadi objek inceran mulu euy. Capek. So yeah, insya Allah i’ll be getting married this year amin!

Next is to travel more. Traveling dengan destinasi yang lebih banyak dengan jarak yang lebih jauh ke kota-kota yang luar biasa. Traveling is my current passion and it’s kinda addictive fyi. Eventough i haven’t been anywhere with Visa or Europe or somewhere far.. But I do love it.. and i kinda want to do it more, both with my friends and my family (esp future hubby). Pikiran dangkal gw ini ingin menyatukan keduanya, menikah dan traveling, jadilah gw menginisiasi supaya honeymoon ke Jepang ajah! Ya pikiran dangkal karena gw belum terpikir akan budget, well sedikit kepikiran sihh tapi yang gw kepikiran adalah budget low budget traveller macam yang udah gw lakukan kemaren-kemaren, bukan budget honeymoon yang katanya lebih mahal karena hotelnya mesti berbintang! ouch.

Ya mungkin excitement honeymoon yang gw bayangkan adalah traveling with your husband, enjoying the city view, catching subway to go to museums, strolling in the sidewalks you’ve never been before and feeling the different kind of forecast as your hometown would be.. enjoying each other’s companion somewhere far away from home. Something like that, bukan yang harus ngendon di kamar tidur doing “you-know-what’ doang kali, rugi!

But that was all in my humble opinion yah, semua orang punya hak dan kebebasan untuk menentukan keinginan honeymoonnya seperti apa. I’m not here to judge.

Jadi yang lagi clash karena gw yang banyak maunya ini adalah mau honeymoon ke Jepang, sementara si pacar mau2 aja tapi pengennya ga naik low cost carrier, means more budget aakkk!! Kalo ga ke Jepang, he insisted ke Spore or Bangkok. I’m not a fan of Spore yah..mahal gak jelas dan biasa2 aja menurut gw. Yahh argumen2 kecil menjelang penyatuan komitmen emang sulit yah sodara-sodara. Tapi ini baru awal, pasti akan ada yg lebih besar lagi datang menghadang heuheu..

Yang gw sadari betul adalah, banyak maunya sah-sah aja asal lo bisa mengkompromikan (dengan sedikit pemaksaan mungkin) keinginanlo sama orang2 yg berkepentingan..hehehehhe

10 Things Every 20-Something Should Keep In Mind

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1. Travel

There is no age limit on a passport. All those fabulous places you’ve dreamed of seeing really aren’t going anywhere. Is Paris or Romania (everyone has their place they want to go, don’t judge me) going to look any different at the age of 25 as opposed to 35? If you don’t make it to Greece before you’re 30, don’t give up! Your life of adventure isn’t over until you say it is.

2. Dreams

Your dreams don’t need to have an expiration date. If you don’t reach your life goal by 27 that doesn’t mean you won’t ever get there (unless it’s like, sports or something… which I don’t play so let’s pretend they don’t apply). Some of my favorite authors, thinkers, and creators didn’t reach true success till their 30s and 40s, and often later (sometimes they were dead… which, I say, still counts).
Statistics be…

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5 Reasons Why Traveling Is A State Of Mind

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In the past 4 years, I have taken a total of 61 flights and visited over 50 places in 23 countries. For the most part of it, I was traveling on my own, even though there were a couple of holiday trips with friends and a handful of family vacations somewhere in the mix. I’m not a backpacker, nor have I had the privilege of spending a semester abroad on exchange where I would have been able to see the world while on exchange. On my longest trip away from home, I spent time in Manchester, Liverpool, York, London, Amsterdam, Venice, Berlin and Paris. My shortest stop was a 45 minute stop in Vaduz, Liechtenstein where I got off the bus, made my way through the main street and up a hill to see the castle at the top, before heading back down to catch my return bus to Zurich…

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