Why It’s So Hard To Matter

Thought Catalog

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If there’s one thing we need in life, it’s to feel significant. The need is right there next to water, air and Big Macs — slightly less tangible, but always present. Every time we go to a party, we want to feel that the atmosphere changes a little when we arrive, that we’re bringing something to the table, and when we’re not there, our absence is noticed. Our presence missed. That there are others who are inconsequential to the mix, but it’s not us. We want to know that we’re leaving a mark on the people we come into contact with — that our interactions change people, if even in the tiniest way. That we matter.

Our decisions have to mean something too. The ways we choose to spend our days must be impactful. Whether it’s that mother who gave up the VP position to stay home with her kids…

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