How To Be In Charge Of Your Own Happiness

Thought Catalog

One of the many new responsibilities that comes with adulthood is being in charge of your own happiness. Your mom isn’t around anymore to notice when you’re not smiling as much, to put your hair behind your ear and offer to make you a sandwich. She’ll be there to support you, as your friends will, when the going really gets tough. But they all have their own lives, and they can’t sit on the phone forever. As an adult, you’re in charge of your own happiness. 

This begins with the basics. Choosing a job — a career — that interests you, challenges you, puts a smile on your face more often than a scowl. A job that may leave you exhausted at the end of the day, but it’s an exhaustion that feels good on your bones because you know you did something worthwhile. It’s a job that adds a…

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