skipped the gym for almost two weeks and i have a 50 year olds’ stamina

Since April 2013, I’ve begun to push my self of doing (more) exercise (than just run and walk fast in order to catch a bus), and joined a gym was my first choice. You may know why, it because our society and working place and the environment really didn’t leave any choice for us to have a proper exercise. We didn’t lived in a friendly neighborhood (as seen on tv serials) where we could easily run without having any interference. And unfortunately (i wanna say sadly), my office didn’t have a proper (indoor) sports centre; it actually has a tennis court, a basketball court, a volleyball court. But as a shy kinda girl, i prefer doing an indoor sports with less of people watching. So, after lots of thinking (i may think lots about the gym membership would cost me) and taking advices from my friends, i decided to enroll a 1 year gym membership at Fitness First.

The first day at the gym was like hell for me. So, i got this 3 times free exercise with a Personal Trainer, and i set my first day at the gym to be my first day with PT. And i made the wroongg decision! Due to lack of exercise in years (hell yes), i let my PT literally embarassed me. I may joined a futsal team back then in college whereas we practiced like 2/3 time a week, and later i may ran once a week (for like 4 months). But that feels nothing like a real exercise. That 1st session with my PT really slapped me in the face. Man, i really should working out. Working my ass out to be healthy, to have a strong and reflexed body, and also to get in shape.

7 months later, in November.. working load had consumed most of my time. My time for the gym and even for my favorite activities ; leyeh-leyeh nonton dvds dan baca novel. I had skipped the gym for almost 2 weeks now, which is the rare thing for me to do considering the amount of payment the gym has costed me, and i felt awful already. My stamina is decreasing, i get to be sleepy a lot, and my health condition is not really okay (i can blame the weather sih). Well, for the past 6 months since i joined the gym, never a day that i feel sicker than today. Yes, going to the gym means say no to drugs (which i hate), and say goodbye to doctors.



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