10 Young People On How They Landed Their Awesome Jobs


Thought Catalog

Ever wanted to tap someone on the shoulder and beg her to tell you how she landed a job she loves? Now you don’t have to. We asked 10 young people how they ended up getting paid for work they’re proud of, and — surprise! — no one made it there on a bed of roses.

1. Josh Gondelman, Comedian

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.49.21 AM

“My awesome job started off as a terrible job. I performed at terrible open mics. I submitted writing to rejection letters or outright apathy. As frustrating as the failure was, I loved the creative work, and being told ‘no’ prepared me for the perpetual lesson that I could always work harder and do better. I’ve made lots of great and kind and talented friends who I love to work with, and I have better and better outlets for my creative projects. That’s how my job went from terrifying, to…

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