7 Things We All Know But Wish We Didn’t

Thought Catalog

1. Our parents still have sex.

No elaboration needed (or wanted).

2. We will never again feel completely and fully rested.

Unfortunately, the days of sleeping in until noon are just a distant memory. We’ve all got things to do and people to see and television to watch and kids to take care of and homework to attempt and errands to run and we just. Don’t. Have. Time. The notion that “one day soon…” still keeps us going nonetheless.

3. We still don’t know where we’re going.

I’m not talking about the directions to the nearest ice cream shop (we all know exactly where that is), I’m talking about in life. Sweet, sweet ignorance would be welcome, but there will always be that nagging in the back of our minds saying, “Did I make the right choice? Is this where I’m meant to be?” – Unless you’re sat in that…

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