it’s all about the money

It’s such a quarter life’s crisis cliche to talk about money.. yet it’s still our number one concern. Money is our friend, it’s one of the most important part in our life cause it’s the thing that pay all of our bill, it provides all of our needs and all.  In this age (20ish), we earn money by working our asses off, pulling off the all nighter just to have a decent lifestyle. In this age, we are encouraged to have all kind of things as a sign of prosperity ; latest gadgets, nice clothes, designers’ bags, expensive perfumes. Not to mention an urge to travel the world and join the world class gym centre.

Then we ask the question ; do we need it all?

While the society encourages us to live glamorously, we should put a lot of thought in how we should spend our money. We often feel that our salary is not enough to pay all of our needs. The fact is it depends on how we spend it. Do you have your financial goal? I’m not a financial planner but I do things that financial planner said in internet/books. And it hit me, I have a decent salary, it’s enough to pay all of my bills, except for the things that’s not exactly i need (or i should call it jajan-jajan gak penting) such as pricey coffee/bubble tea and cute luggage tags i impulsively buy somewhere. The 1/3 salary goes to the things I don’t really need, but so tempting to buy. It’s the girls problems, i think.

Well, it’s your choice, it’s your money.. I’m just blabbering 😉


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