101 Things Every 20-Something Realizes In Their 20s

Thought Catalog

Your 20s are an age where you settle in and get comfortable with who you really are. It’s a decade of exploration, self-actualization, and growth.

Since lists about being in your 20s is the Internet’s No. 1 pastime, I’ve created a list of 101 absolutely true things every 20-something realizes while riding the boat through the best decade (…to date) of their life.

1. Confidence is not cockiness.

2. Self-reflection is a sign of maturity.

3. Waking up early is important if you want to be a functional member of society.

4. … But sleeping in on weekends is precious.

5. Although you don’t see each other nearly as much as you’d like to, friends from back in the day are still pretty important.

6. Discretion is the better part of valor… Especially in Tweets, Facebook updates, and text messages.

7. Your SAT score didn’t determine your destiny. You did.


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