can i tell you something about work?

It’s kinda irony to say that I hate my job, because in fact i do love my job but the thing is.. this job, that i’m currently doing, the position that i’m currently attach is something i’ve been looking for ever since 2 years ago. At that time, i thought this job would be more fun yet challenging like the ones that I’ve done.  It may fun in different way, despite being trapped in a circle of serious people. So, being a HQ’s worker (my dream actually) is not as great as what i think this would. My estimations has failed me..

So, i will list things that I think should change in my working place..

1. Why so serious? Yes people of my Divison, please do not be too serious.. It’s kinda freaky to face the silentness (besides the sound of typing keyboard) every single day in our floor! A little bit laugh won’t hurt, i tell ya!

2. The gap between the boss and the staff. It’s so deep that people who jump into it will not be survive.. The feodalism that’s still be enforced.

3. Prejudice. People always talks and makes prejudice of every single thing you do and say. To make it simple, you can’t be your own self in here, you’ll be the ones your Division wants you to be and it’s not healthy.

Every job has it’s up sides and down sides, I may think my job is boring but in other hand there’s lots of people would kill for my job.

Well once again, let us be thankful for what we had 🙂


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