Is your job more important than your spouse?

i would like to dedicate this post to my beloved friend, who recently got a motorcycle injured. May Allah heals your wound and trauma asap, aminn..

Well as i mentioned earlier, my friend got injured due to accident whilst riding an ojek. She, my friend, is married to a banker. Her husband’s working schedule is so friggin crazy as he always have a meeting at 12 p.m and going home at 3 a.m. She, my friend always looked tired and pale everyday due to lack of sleep and rest, because not only she always wait for her husband coming home, but she also have to wake up earlier to prepare the household thingy. Sounds heavy rite? At first I was like, whuut?? why do you agree in living those kind of lifestyle?? I bet it’s not healthy. Yeahh i know the wives obligation based on holy Al Quran, but is it also stated that work comes first so you could put your wife as second priority and push her to serve you all the way eventho she’s tired and weak?  I don’t think so.

The accident happened when the husband had a meeting on 12 p.m therefore my friend, the wife had to go home by herself (usually they went home together).

I thought after the accident, the husband would feel sad, sorry and all those kinds of regrets, so he would spend a day or two to take care of her. Turns out, he’s still going to work, have a 12 p.m meeting and go home at 2 a.m.

I may not married yet, but i do know what’s matter the most to my life, and it’s not a job, obviously..


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