7 Reasons Why Your Long Distance Relationship Is NOT Doomed

so true ;’)

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Hey, sometimes a person writes from their bitter heart about a terrible relationship that really has no ground to stand on. Other times people write out of gleeful, bubbly happiness with hearts floating around them.

1. It is one of the most real relationships you will find in your life.

You and your S/O probably spend more time a day talking about mundane, completely uninteresting things that no couple in their right mind would ever bother to listen to let alone engage in if they had the choice in person. Why do you do this? Because there are miles separating the two of you and you’ll do anything in your power to find some proximity of closeness. You probably know more about your long distance lover in 6 months of dating than most couples know about each other in a year. This is because once again, you desperately seek out…

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7 Things We All Know But Wish We Didn’t

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1. Our parents still have sex.

No elaboration needed (or wanted).

2. We will never again feel completely and fully rested.

Unfortunately, the days of sleeping in until noon are just a distant memory. We’ve all got things to do and people to see and television to watch and kids to take care of and homework to attempt and errands to run and we just. Don’t. Have. Time. The notion that “one day soon…” still keeps us going nonetheless.

3. We still don’t know where we’re going.

I’m not talking about the directions to the nearest ice cream shop (we all know exactly where that is), I’m talking about in life. Sweet, sweet ignorance would be welcome, but there will always be that nagging in the back of our minds saying, “Did I make the right choice? Is this where I’m meant to be?” – Unless you’re sat in that…

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it’s all about the money

It’s such a quarter life’s crisis cliche to talk about money.. yet it’s still our number one concern. Money is our friend, it’s one of the most important part in our life cause it’s the thing that pay all of our bill, it provides all of our needs and all.  In this age (20ish), we earn money by working our asses off, pulling off the all nighter just to have a decent lifestyle. In this age, we are encouraged to have all kind of things as a sign of prosperity ; latest gadgets, nice clothes, designers’ bags, expensive perfumes. Not to mention an urge to travel the world and join the world class gym centre.

Then we ask the question ; do we need it all?

While the society encourages us to live glamorously, we should put a lot of thought in how we should spend our money. We often feel that our salary is not enough to pay all of our needs. The fact is it depends on how we spend it. Do you have your financial goal? I’m not a financial planner but I do things that financial planner said in internet/books. And it hit me, I have a decent salary, it’s enough to pay all of my bills, except for the things that’s not exactly i need (or i should call it jajan-jajan gak penting) such as pricey coffee/bubble tea and cute luggage tags i impulsively buy somewhere. The 1/3 salary goes to the things I don’t really need, but so tempting to buy. It’s the girls problems, i think.

Well, it’s your choice, it’s your money.. I’m just blabbering 😉

101 Things Every 20-Something Realizes In Their 20s

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Your 20s are an age where you settle in and get comfortable with who you really are. It’s a decade of exploration, self-actualization, and growth.

Since lists about being in your 20s is the Internet’s No. 1 pastime, I’ve created a list of 101 absolutely true things every 20-something realizes while riding the boat through the best decade (…to date) of their life.

1. Confidence is not cockiness.

2. Self-reflection is a sign of maturity.

3. Waking up early is important if you want to be a functional member of society.

4. … But sleeping in on weekends is precious.

5. Although you don’t see each other nearly as much as you’d like to, friends from back in the day are still pretty important.

6. Discretion is the better part of valor… Especially in Tweets, Facebook updates, and text messages.

7. Your SAT score didn’t determine your destiny. You did.


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can i tell you something about work?

It’s kinda irony to say that I hate my job, because in fact i do love my job but the thing is.. this job, that i’m currently doing, the position that i’m currently attach is something i’ve been looking for ever since 2 years ago. At that time, i thought this job would be more fun yet challenging like the ones that I’ve done.  It may fun in different way, despite being trapped in a circle of serious people. So, being a HQ’s worker (my dream actually) is not as great as what i think this would. My estimations has failed me..

So, i will list things that I think should change in my working place..

1. Why so serious? Yes people of my Divison, please do not be too serious.. It’s kinda freaky to face the silentness (besides the sound of typing keyboard) every single day in our floor! A little bit laugh won’t hurt, i tell ya!

2. The gap between the boss and the staff. It’s so deep that people who jump into it will not be survive.. The feodalism that’s still be enforced.

3. Prejudice. People always talks and makes prejudice of every single thing you do and say. To make it simple, you can’t be your own self in here, you’ll be the ones your Division wants you to be and it’s not healthy.

Every job has it’s up sides and down sides, I may think my job is boring but in other hand there’s lots of people would kill for my job.

Well once again, let us be thankful for what we had 🙂

Have it Your Way, No?

Have it Your Way, No?

Unlike Burger King, the company i’m working for is way far from “have it your way” principle. Ketika dunia sudah berubah, pola berpikir kantor saya masih saja ketinggalan jaman. It’s a customized era for God’s sakes! Whilst the industries are trying hard to fulfill the people/customers/workers needs, my comp is still far left behind in their way of running the business.. I feel kinda hopeless though..

No, do not tell me to quit.. Because I already plan to, after my ikatan-dinas is over *wink